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Four In Row

Each player in his turn drops one of his discs down any of the slots in the top of the grid.


Four in row is simple puzzle game in which you can improve your various skills like decision making,concentration and mind power in which you have to take quick decision to destroy or overcame your opponents moves and complete game with victory position.In this game you can get a chance to play with either your friends or loving once or a powerful virtual player who has large amount of experience of winning this kind of puzzling game.This game is suitable for all aged people like for kids it is used to improve and enhance there ability beyond there boundaries,for youngsters it is used to create a new history among their friend circles and for elders it can used for fun or time eater with there college.


This game has some rules and regulation which you need to follows.

Each player in his turn drops one of his discs down any of the slots in the top of the grid.
The play alternates until one of the players gets four discs of his color in a row. The four in a row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
The first player to get four in a row wins.
If the board is filled with discs and neither player has four in a row, then the game is a draw.
Play “Four In A Row” against the computer or friends from all over the world!
“Four In A Row” is one of the most popular strategy games in the world, this app gives you three different game modes.This game is supported by all majority mobile devices.
If you are a die hard fan of any puzzling or strategy games than we can assure you that this will be add an additional thrill which you might not have enjoyed earlier or for which you are looking for.

What you are waiting for.Just use this game to face many complex and unseen powers in world of puzzles.


* 1-player mode (Human vs CPU)
* 2-players mode (Human vs Human).
* Watching mode (CPU vs CPU).
* 10 levels of difficulty.
* Scoreboard and rating system.
* Support undo and hint functions.
* Other various options (CPU Level Auto-matching, Alternate first move, etc.)
* Support tablet size devices. You can enjoy with your family or friends in a tablet!


Four in a row multiplayer
4 in a row multiplayer
four in a line
rating system